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How it Works is your online portal for production equipment insurance. Instantly and securely purchase policies to cover rented equipment, owned equipment, liability and musical instruments.

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Policies we offer

Rented Equipment

Rented Production Equipment Coverage

This policy will cover equipment rented from a third party such as a rental house or individual owner.

  • Short-term or annual policy available
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Rental House Loss Of Use coverage available
  • Deductible options available
  • Rental House or Individual can be named as Loss Payee on certificate of insurance
Get certificates of insurance immediately after purchasing policy

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Owned Equipment

Owned Equipment

Covers your owned / leased production equipment.

  • Scheduled Basis - for items over $2k each.
  • Unscheduled Basis - for items $2k or less each.
  • $750k - Maximum Total Owned / Leased Production Equipment Coverage Available.
  • $25k - Maximum Total Owned / Leased Production Equipment Coverage while in Mexico.
  • $100k - Maximum Total Owned / Leased Production Equipment Coverage for items inside any vehicle.

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General Liability

Camera Operator General Liability

The camera operator liability policy limits and coverage are below:

  • $2M - General Aggregate
  • $2M - Products / Complete Operations
  • $1M - Personal & Advertising Injury
  • $1M - Each Occurrence
  • $100K - Fire Damage / Any One Fire
  • $5K - Medical Expense
  • Short-Term policy coverage available
  • Domestic coverage

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Music Instruments

Music Instruments

This policy will cover your owned or leased musical instruments.

  • Annual policy coverage
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Instruments valued above $2,001 must be scheduled
  • Deductible options available

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My gear is my livelihood. When my kit was stolen on set I thought It'd be a huge set back. Instead my claim was closed within 2 weeks and I was able to get replacement equipment to continue my shoot.

Sun Lee Filmmaker Portland, OR

I was surprised by how easy it was for me to obtain coverage the day before I needed it. I had a few questions which I could find the answers for pretty quickly using the helpsite. Will definitely use again in the future!

Phoebe Philips Camera Operator San Francisco, CA has been great to work with. They give me peace of mind knowing my camera package is covered on jobs and rentals.

Chris Willmore Director of Photography New York, NY