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A discount is applied to a second policy purchase. Users who purchase three or more policies will receive the largest discount to premium.

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How it Works is your online portal for production equipment insurance. Instantly and securely purchase policies to cover rented equipment, owned equipment and musical instruments.

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What we cover:

Cameras, camera equipment, sound, lighting and grip equipment, communications equipment, portable electric equipment, editing and projection equipment, office personal property, generators, mechanical effects equipment, props, sets, wardrobes, dance equipment and similar personal property and related production equipment.

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Policies we offer

Rented Equipment Coverage

What to Know

This policy will cover production equipment rented from a third party such as a rental house or individual owner. 

  • Select your own policy term, as short as a few days, up to one year 
  • Select your own limit of insurance, deductibles and additional coverage 
  • Generate certificates of insurance for your vendors immediately and for free 
  • Going abroad? No problem. Worldwide coverage applies* 
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Owned Equipment Coverage

What to Know

This policy will cover your owned equipment. This policy can also cover rented equipment if that coverage option is added while applying. 

  • Coverage available for 6 Months, or Annual Term 
  • Select your own limit of insurance, deductibles and additional coverage options 
  • Going abroad? No problem. Worldwide coverage applies* 
  • Add rented equipment coverage and generate COIs free of charge 
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General Liability

What to Know

Through our partnership with Thimble, offers you on-demand general liability coverage. 

Here are the details: 

  • Purchase a policy for your desired period of time (as little as a few hours up to almost one year!) 
  • Easily submit a certificate of insurance listing your vendor as additional insured 
  • Rest assured... You can add additional crew members, employees, volunteers, etc. to your policy so everyone's covered 
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Musical Instrument Coverage

What To Know

This policy will cover your owned musical equipment, recording and editing equipment. 

  • Annual policy coverage 
  • Select your own limit of insurance
  • Going abroad? No problem. Worldwide coverage applies* 
  • These additional coverage options are available while applying: water use, theft from an unlocked vehicle and rental reimbursement. 
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Best insurance company for all my gear! The customer service is amazing and they help me with all my last minute needs.

Carlos Jaramillo
Los Angeles

Insurance is the last thing I want to worry about. IME has made it so that I really do not have to worry at all! The customer support is quick and we were guided through what usually is a very confusing process. Highly recommend!

New York

IME is user friendly, providing an efficient process to get things done. Whenever I’ve had questions on policy, or just needed coverage advice, their rep not only responded to my questions quickly and accurately, but took the time to offer extra helpful advice and direction on some more involved issues.

Owner/Operator Cinematographer
Greater Los Angeles

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